Post-Norwescon updates and ongoing show at Gargoyles

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Last week/weekend was hectic. On Wednesday the girlfriend and I set up our show at Gargoyles Statuary. On Thursday I was in SeaTac, setting up my table at Norwescon. I ended up being too tired to stay for the artist reception.

On Friday I was back in Seattle to put some final touches on the Gargoyles setup and attend the reception. The evening went really well; many friends stopped by and the flow of people through the shop was pretty consistent until closing time. I sold two pieces that night; I was particularly happy that one of the buyers was the girlfriend’s mother, who collects art but has never purchased from me before.

I sold one piece at Norwescon, which may not sound like a lot, but there were years when I sold nothing so any sale to me is great. Plus the table space and the low commission make it easy to turn a profit or at least break even. What’s really cool is that the buyer bypassed bidding and purchased the sculpture at the direct sale price, which was twice the amount of the opening bid. It’s always wonderful when someone wants your work bad enough to do that.

The overall quality of this year’s Norwescon art show was very high and there were several pieces I would have purchased if I had the money. Kudos to Doug and Pat Booze who manage the show. You and your team did an outstanding job.


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