Jessica Geiger
Amazingly detailed sculptures and paintings.

Gargoyles Statuary
This is the place for all things dark and beautiful. Statues, jewelry, handmade collectibles and other unique treasures.

Kristine Ann's
Doll clothes, patterns and pet beds.

Handmade dolls and oddities from Sara Lanzillotta.

The Art of Joey Jordan
Amazing realistic science fiction/fantasy art.

J. Anne Fullerton

The Shepherd’s Moon Saga opens a new door into the werewolf genre. It offers something entirely innovative; an exploration into different kinds of werewolves, including their mythology, creation and modern history.

Raven Lunatic Studios
Talented artist and cool person Kamilla White. Her crows are a must-see.

Mask Madness
Roger Wheeler creates fantastic masks, erotic sculptures and organic paintings. Incredible stuff.

MacLeod Dragons
Ryan MacLeod's amazingly detailed dragons. His miniature piano must be seen to be believed.

Bag Painter
Artist Chris Crites' portraits on paper bags.

Crossroads Theatre Project
Founded by playwright Shawn C. Harris, Crossroads Theatre Project provides developmental support at all stages of the creative process for playwrights of African descent creating work from the intersections of their identities.